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الثلاثاء، 7 أبريل، 2015

Biblical Signs Appear Over Many Nations, God's Kingdom Now Coming In

Amazing displays of supernatural energy are now being seen in the skies over many nations. These spectacular spheres of light that have been captured in numerous photos and videos are being ignored by the media. Jesus told us that "signs would appear in the heavens" and also that there would be "wars, and rumors of wars".

Numerous photos and videos along with many recent prophecies from the Lord about what is taking place are posted at www.revelation12.ca

The website revelation12.ca is certified 'virus free' by Norton Safe Web, it is a 'not for profit' website that features no advertising and no 'donate' button

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الأحد، 8 مارس، 2015

Prophecy From Jesus, Obama Is The Antichrist!

Jesus has warned many of His servants on numerous occassions since November of 2008 that Barack Obama is indeed the long awaited Antichrist. Here are a few excerpts from some of the numerous warnings the Lord has given to prophet Linda Newkirk. Read these prophecies in their entirety, along with those from others, at www.revelation12.ca.

The following is excerpted from a prophecy given on November 15th, 2008 just days after Obama was first elected President of the United States of America.

?My Little One, all of the world shall wonder after what they perceive to be the light of the world! Nations shall wonder after a false light and nations shall heap praises upon a false light! And, many shall wonder after this light! Many shall thereby be deceived and shall fall and worship this false light, giving great honor to what is false! For, many are now longing for someone to come and to rescue them from the forces of great evil! They want a Saviour, but do not wish to bend a knee to the real Saviour, who is Jesus, My Son. For, they love the world and what is in it; and the Real Light of the World, they refuse! For, they do not wish to repent, but to continue on in their wicked ways! Therefore, they shall honor a false light and they shall call him the light of the world! And, many shall fall at his feet and shall worship him, when he is no man, but a beast, who appears to be a man!

And, through this very one, many, many shall fall the whole world over! And, many shall be deceived! For, they are looking for a man to rescue them from the evils of the world! And, this one shall rise and he will begin then to devour parts of Satan?s Kingdom, to devour Satan?s own tail, all in order that he may be crowned king of this world! For, when he is king of the world, Satan will indeed be king, if only for a short while.

If his behavior seems unseemly for someone, who is not yet even inaugurated, it is because of the fact that he dances high for Satan, higher than all of the rest! And, he dances well for the European elite and for the Israeli Mossad, who put him in power.

It is a grave mistake indeed, that so many believe that he has at heart the interests of America. He does not! He is the final nail in the coffin of this great nation.

For, the real light of the world, you, as a nation, have overwhelmingly trampled! And, now, you have the false light, one who is really a beast in great disguise. The real Light, My Son, you have overwhelmingly rejected! But, this false light, you will overwhelmingly follow, and so will many, many the world over!?

?Oh, Father, this is even as I have felt in my spirit.?

?Yes, My Little One, this is even as you have felt; for I have quickened your spirit to see beyond the facade and to see a man of obscurity arise to world power in such a short time. A man, who is no man at all, but a beast! And, the whole world will long after the beast! And, many will take the mark! And, they will fall and worship the Beast! None, whose names are in the Book of Life, will worship the beast, but of the rest, My Little One, vast numbers will take the mark! For, they will idolize this one, and they will believe in him! And, they will do as he says, for they are cut off from My Spirit! But, the wise will know who he is and the wise will teach many!

"Now, you know, My Little One; and all will also know, who have the heart to receive! Barack Hussein Obama is Satan?s number one ruler in the world! And, the high-level Satanists of other nations, along with his god Satan, are his driving force! And, he has but one goal for America and this is to bring you down, and to bring other nations down, even other ruling elite of Satan, who stand opposed to giving up their power. For, he will rise and exalt himself above all."

(end of excerpt)

The following is excerpted from a prophecy given on November 20th 2008

"Just know, My Little One, that his roots go deep, that his roots are dark, and that they stretch wide in Communist/Marxist teachings and doctrines, even as I have shown you in a previous vision! For, these words and visions of our Father are also My words and visions to you! Obama has been brought through the ranks and has been deeply indoctrinated and trained in subversive techniques. And, he has been groomed and prepared for this time of world communism and Satanism; for nothing of such a magnitude happens in Satan?s kingdom by chance! But, even so, am I not in all of this?"

"You, Oh, My People in this nation have refused Me! You have refused our Father! You have forsaken righteousness, preferring instead to follow after the world, and to trust in the arm of the flesh, and to believe in men and their powers! Yes, indeed, to trust in a wicked government to rescue you, to fix your problems and to provide for you!"

"Now comes the very antichrist into your midst and you see it not! For, you are looking for someone to SAVE you from your own downfall! You are looking to a man to fix the world situation! You are looking to a man to save you from war, to save your houses, to save your jobs and to save your families! Yes, you are looking to a man and I have given you a man, who will lie to you! He will tell you every smooth tale! He will con you with every smooth plan, even as he leads this nation off a cliff, to a point of no return. Even as he sets up death camps in your midst and even as he executes your families and even as he ravages your land with war and destruction, he will tell you that this is for your own good! Even as he beheads and kills you by the hundreds of thousands, oh yes, he will tell you that the terrorists and the dissidents must be purged."

(end of excerpt)

The following are the details from an 'open' vision that was given to Linda Newkirk on January 20th 2009, immediately before the Inauguration where the assassination of Obama is foretold.

And, there I find myself in another room, which is beneath the room, where I have just seen the new president, who was then taking his oath of office. I am at once met by the groans of many ghouls and ghostly howls of many demons and swishing sounds in the spirit. There, in that room, I see Bill Clinton and the two Bushes, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. They each have in their hands a wine glass, which is clearly full of blood; and I watch in amazement to see that each one takes his glass and drinks all that is in the glass before him. I see in the eyes of Bill Clinton that he is full of evil spirits; and looking at the faces of the other two, I see that they, too, are full of great and dark evil spirits. Each of them now makes a chant and takes a sword, each one with his own sword; and each one lays his sword across the sword of the other. As they cross their swords, they each say, ?Unto death!?

And, oh I see it now, that the three swords cut through a mannequin of the new president, and that this mannequin is the Raggedy Ann doll. And, the three swords cut him, that is the mannequin and this rag doll is cut into three pieces.

I look now above to the one, who was swearing before the hollow book and I no longer see him before the hollow book, but lying in the street, or it seems to be a street. For, around him are many and they are looking at this new president as he lies in a pool of blood. And, I do not know whether he is dead or alive, but I fear that he is dead. For, truly, he is limp like rag doll and others now hover around him as if they are looking for a sign of life.

And, just now, the three emerge from their hiding place; and they believe themselves to be victorious. For, they are smiling, joking and joyous unto themselves. But, it is at this point as well that I see a stream of light and this stream of light descends upon this new president, who looks dead. And, even as I see this stream of light descend upon him, I hear sirens and quickly see ambulances emerging in the darkness. And, oh so terrible this is, Father! For, these three surely plan another coup!

"Now, My Child, look and write what you see."

My Father, I see a very large cemetery, with an arched entrance, and I am walking into this cemetery now. Ahead of me is quite a show, with a large U.S. flag flying and other flags flying also. And, I see in the midst of all that is going on a casket, which is open; and I walk up slowly to this casket and I see therein the body of George W. Bush Senior. Looking past him, I see then a second casket, and this one is draped with a flag and lifting the lid and peering inside I see the body of George Bush Jr., and thereafter I see yet another casket, which is also draped with an American flag. And lifting the lid, I peer inside and see the body of Bill Clinton.

These three are all in a row and amazingly with Bush Sr. first, then Bush Jr. and then Clinton last! In the background, I hear the shots of a rifle and hear the sounds of a lonesome bugle. It seems that the time may be in the spring, for I see tiny flowers amidst the graves!

(end excerpt)

The following is excerpted from a prophecy given on June 30th 2012 just after the extraordinary 'biblical signs' began to appear. (see photos/video at www.revelation12.ca)

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, yes Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings! I tell you again, that I am One and the Same! I am your Saviour! I am your Redeemer; and I am Most High God; and besides Me, there is none! But, there come those, who wish to quibble, who wish to find fault and who wish to dispute the truth of who I am! And some say, ?She speaks to another Jesus! She hears from another God!? But, I tell you, My Blessed Child, that among these very mockers are those, who speak to another god. They speak to another Jesus! For, I am not found among them; and these include some of your biggest critics, who control the churches, and who mock these works.

But, now, My Blessed Child, I come to you and I tell you a very important thing! And, this very important word is about to accelerate all of My judgements in the earth! Yes, people will look here and they will look there and they will say, ?Oh, look at these Satanists! Oh, look what they do!? But, I tell you this! Hear Me in this! For, I am empowering the Satanists over you!

Just as I raised up Nebuchadnezzar and I empowered Nebuchadnezzar to come forward and to overrun and defeat My people, who did evil and who would not heed the warnings of My prophets, I have now raised up another in your midst! Indeed, he is Satan?s choice and Satan has put him over you through his secret organizations. But, I tell you now that I control Satan! He does what I allow and what I command!

I wrote the Book of Revelation; and I have spoken through My prophets down through the ages, for this is what My people chose. And, I have honored their choices!

But now, hear Me in this! Make no mistake about it! Barack Obama is the antichrist! Whine all you want! Be in denial all that you want, but you will not change who he is; and you will not change the fact that I put him over you!

He is your worst nightmare, oh America; for he will burn you down and laugh as he sees you burning! He has no allegiance to America; for his allegiance is to Satan; and this man?s heart is set upon his rule of the whole world!

You, oh America, are but fodder for his fires, you wicked and adulterous peoples of America! And, burn you will! Yes, you will burn; and the fires will spread all across this nation, even before the nukes come! Yes, you will burn, oh America! For, you will not repent! And, because you will not repent; and I have called out to you for many years to repent of your evil ways, and you will not hear My cries, I tell you that you will burn! (The Lord warned the prophet, Dumitru Duduman, that America will burn. We have now come to that time!)

And, the famines, great famines, will begin to rip across this land, from one city to another and from one part of this land to another! In years past, I warned you through My words, which I gave to My servant, Linda Newkirk. I told you that if you would not repent that I would dry up your corn fields, that I would bring famines; and you would not hear! You would not believe!

Now come the famines, and you can see it at your door! For, the droughts are so great! And, now the great fires come, yet few of you can see them, and these fires continue on! Now comes also the time when your antichrist president will wallow in his victories! For, now comes also the time when he is coming into his power!

What will you do, oh you decadent nation of America? You will fall! America will fall! Yes, America will fall, and all over the world, the people will shudder! They will panic! They will fear with a great fear! For, they shall soon say, ?America is fallen!? Yes, the whore of the world is fallen! That old wicked woman, who made the world to drink of the cup of her perversions, has fallen!

Yet, not all will fear, but only those nations, who have depended upon you, will fear! Many will rejoice! Many will be joyful! They will be glad; for you, oh decadent nation of America have terrorized many nations!

(end of excerpt)

Those who are wise will visit revelation12.ca or prophecies.org and read the Lord's wedding invitation to the 'Marriage Supper of the Lamb'

السبت، 28 فبراير، 2015

Invitation To Marriage Supper Of The Lamb

The following message from the Lord Jesus Christ which has been given to prophet Linda Newkirk is the fulfillment of the Matthew 22 Marriage Supper prophecy. Those who have the faith to ask for this blessing are going to be rewarded in miraculous ways. All you have to do is, ask Jesus to go. This event may happen at any time now. Many astonishing 'biblical signs' are now being seen in the heavens over many nations. You can see many photos and videos at the www.revelation12.ca website. Please also see the update that follows this invitation, it is very important.

Matthew 22; The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son, And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come.

An Open Invitation To A Spectacular And Timely, Heavenly Event, Our Father in Heaven Speaks!

Receive, Believe And Ask!

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God; and I come to you today to impart to you a message of My great love, of My great mercy and of My great grace!

My Little One, few know, or believe, that you, Linda Newkirk, the same Linda Newkirk of Mayflower, Arkansas, are the Woman of Revelation Chapter Twelve! And, few know how you have labored, how you have travailed, how you have suffered, and how you have often wept beneath the weight of unspeakable persecution! And, all for the love of Me, for the love of My Son and for the love of humanity!

Yes, few know, and of those who know, few believe! For your trials have been so great as you have travailed beneath the feet of Satan and all of his demonic hordes! Oh yes, you have travailed to bring forth My holy seed! A tiny seed indeed when it was given to you; but at this time, it has been maturing in your body for more than seventeen months! And, during this time, it has been growing in strength, power, and stature until it is, for a certainty, now a ?manchild!? And, soon, oh so soon, it will be birthed back to My throne! But, not without you; for he is a part of you!

My Child, I have told you that, as the Woman of Revelation Twelve, you are the spiritual mother of My Kingdom! What grows in you is My Kingdom Seed! It is also the seed of My Son, Jesus, who is Saviour of Humanity! All, who marry Him, will receive this seed! All, who come into My Kingdom, to work in My service, and to be a part of My Kingdom, the queens, the kings and all others, must receive this seed! None will be a part of My Kingdom, who do not have this seed!

My Little One, as I have told you, soon and oh so soon, I will take you and My ?manchild,? my now-matured holy seed, back to My throne! And, what awaits you in heaven is most surely the second greatest celebration ever to take place in heaven, the first being when My Son returned after He was crucified!

Now comes another grand celebration in Heaven and in some ways, perhaps in many ways, it is even more grand than when My Son returned, but not in all ways! For this celebration, this marriage to My Son, will go on for some time; with you, My Little One, being the first to marry Him, your marriage to Him coming through the now-matured holy seed of My Son! For, you are the spiritual mother of My Kingdom, the very one, who has birthed the holy seed into the earth, which is now a manchild!

My Little One, you have so often wanted these works to be finished! So often you have sought this; for you have wanted an end to the constant persecution, which is directed at you! But, you have not wanted to leave this Earth and to come into Heaven without your faithful friends! In fact, My Little One, your cries have continually come before My throne, wherein you have repeatedly asked that all ?clean? souls be allowed to come with you and the manchild when you come to My throne!

And, yes, My Child, I shall grant this request, but in an even greater way than what you ask! Surely, I will now give the grace, great grace to you, that when I come for you and the manchild, I will also take those, have been your faithful friends. But, My Little One, I extend more, and I extend it to those, who are on the streets, who are in the highways and the bi-ways! Even if they do not know if Revelation Chapter Twelve is true; and even if they do not know a thing about what you have been through, if they ask of Me with a sincere heart and a humble heart to come, I will allow many of them to come with you, even total strangers! I will answer the calls of many, even those, who are lost and who sleep under the bridges!

Yes, I offer to them now a grand trip to heaven, a trip to behold the wedding of the ages, a chance to be a part of something so grand, that all of heaven is daily in great anticipation! And, this wedding, My Little One, is the wedding of My Son, as He first weds you, the spiritual mother of My Kingdom in the Earth!!

Oh, yes soon, and oh so soon, you will have paid your price, your great price indeed, to birth My Kingdom into the Earth! And, all subsequent marriages to My Son could only come about because you have paid the price! If you have not paid the price to birth My Kingdom into the Earth, I would have no Kingdom in the Earth! And, soon, oh so soon, I shall so greatly reward you! For, you will marry My Son first and all will soon know that you are the woman, who bears the crown with twelve stars, the true Queen of Heaven, indeed!

Now, my Little One, I open up My invitation to this wedding, not only to your faithful friends, but to all, who truly wish to come, who can truly believe and truly ask! And, while I now allow you to post this on the Internet as a public invitation, I now call up others, who see and know the truth of what I write, to copy this message into printed form and to take it and to distribute it into the streets, wherever they live.

Some may need to translate this message into their own language! And, I call you now! I call you from the continents; and I call you from the islands to take this message, to copy it into printed form and to widely distribute it to those in the streets, where you live! I now invite anyone, who can receive the truth of what I tell you and who can believe, thereafter asking with a sincere heart, to be a guest at this most grand of weddings in heaven!

Oh, yes, this is true! This is real! And, this invitation is not being sent directly to the churches! This is not My desire; for they have overwhelmingly spurned these works of Revelation Twelve! My invitation now goes into the streets and I call forth My workers, the sincere of heart, those, who also wish to be a part of this grand wedding, to come forth now!

I call you to come forth and to copy this message and to take it into the streets, take it into the jails! Take it into the villages! Take it into the highways and the bi-ways; to make haste! For, this wedding is soon, oh so soon, not many weeks away!

Though many of My own have rejected these works, and are thereby unworthy to come, many others will not reject this invitation, but will shout with glee! For, they will hold dear what I now give so freely!

Oh, yes this is unexpected! All that I give now is unexpected! But, oh so soon, many will get a trip into heaven, which will forever change them! And, they will see the very first wedding, ever, in heaven, the wedding of My chosen, daughter, Linda Newkirk, the Woman of Revelation Twelve, to My Son! Thereafter, Linda Newkirk will begin her work as the Queen of Heaven, my Son?s very own queen; and as such will bear much power in Heaven and in the Earth!

All, who take seriously this invitation, and who come to Me in prayer, truly believing and truly asking to go, will indeed be received as guests of this grand heavenly event! And, yes, even some of these will be evil! For, first, I am a God of great love, of great mercy and grace! And, through this invitation of love, many will be forever changed!

My Beloved Child, type this and get this posted on the Internet soon! I will touch the hearts of many, who read this message, that they copy it onto paper and distribute it into the streets, where they live!

Come, Oh you nations! Receive what I freely offer! For, now My grace, My love, My righteousness, and My glory comes forth as you could neither have imagined, nor could have conceived in any way!! Glorious rewards now come to those, who believe!

Witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of November, 2007 Linda Newkirk

Important Update To The Wedding Invitation! Remember Jesus said He would 'tarry', so He had to give the invitation first and say He was coming, before He could decide to tarry.

From The Mountain Prophecies

Chapter Ninety-Three PART III

The Wedding Invitation

Come to Me, My Blessed Child; for I am your first love! I am your husband! I am your Creator; and ?yes,? as you often say to me, I am the Love of Your Life! Yes, I am Yahweh, Most High God, Jesus, your Redeemer!

My Blessed Child, this is a new day for you, a new time for you, and a new day for My people! For, I have now released very great numbers of My holy seed into the bodies, into the spirits and into the souls of My Faithful! I have imparted these holy seeds into My 144,000 elect, but also to some few others, whom I have so chosen! For, this has been My great blessing to some, who have been faithful to you and faithful to these works, who are not part of the 144,000. Do you remember the marriage invitation, which I gave to you?

Yes, My Lord.

Then, know, My Blessed Child, that I must also make ready all of those, who have believed and who have truly wanted to attend this wedding, as wedding guests. So, My Little One, I must raise up some pearls and make them spiritually ready to attend this wedding. And, in order to do so, I have already chosen some to receive this holy seed, that they may be made spiritually ready to enter in through the passageway of fire.

You see, My Little One, and you know well, that I am a God of great mysteries. I laid out the wedding invitation before the people, a sincere and true offer on My part, but the one key to being a wedding guest has been the presence of a simple faith, a simple trust in Me.

But, My Child, most have thrown away the wedding invitation. Most have forgotten about the wedding invitation, but a few still hold onto this invitation and they long to attend this wedding; for they believe! But, My Little One, these numbers are few; and I promised you that I would take the greatest numbers possible to this wedding as wedding guests. Therefore, I now extend this offer once more, and only once more. Therefore, at the end of this message, post once again the wedding invitation. For, this is My great gift of love for those, who are able to believe and to receive these truths. I have not given this invitation in vain, but in truth; and I honor My words in My offer through this wedding invitation. For, this is My promise to you, My Blessed Child, and I will keep My promises.

Blessed Saviour, as I type this message, this day being the 18th day of August, I have some questions about these wedding guests. My Lord, must all, who enter into this passageway of light and fire have the holy seed within them? My Lord, in years past, you carried me into the light and I stood in Your wonderful light; and I did not yet have the holy seed. So, I do wonder about how that was and how this will be.

You do well to wonder, my Blessed Child; for there are three different levels among these wedding guests: 1. Those, who have the holy seed; 2. Those, who do not have the holy seed, but who have clean hearts, and have lived worthy to go into the light; 3. and, those, who have not lived worthy to go into the light, but at the very last minute, they are changed through My divine intervention and made ready to go into the light. And, because of these three distinctions, these three different types of wedding guests will take their different places at this wedding. See?

Yes, my Lord; and thank You so very much for explaining these important truths to me. Praises to Your Holy Name!

Received and witnessed by, Linda Newkirk August 18, 2012


الأحد، 15 فبراير، 2015

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